Dominique is a Mother, Lover, Sister, Runner, Sleeper, thinker, doer, and chef. 

She has lived in London, Los Angeles and Germany and now resides in the UK. Originally from Sheffield, she now calls the West Midlands home.

She has a passion for variety, change, challenge and adventure. Dominique is inspired easily and often, and believes in getting it done.

She’ll  answer to Dodo or Dominique and insists on please and thank you.

She loves different, new, irregular and classic and vibes off of good conversation and a chunk of homemade cake.

Coffee & Creativity go hand in hand and are her 2nd & 3rd favourite C words.

In a nutshell…

Dominique is an innovative and talented individual with a rich and varied background in Creative Design for retail interiors and window display. Having worked for lucrative brands in the UK, she has developed into a confident and organised manager with a positive approach in leading teams to produce polished and celebrated work.

 Dominique has worked in Visual Merchandising for a number of years, allowing her skills to be cultivated through a love for simple and beautiful aesthetics and a natural instinct for style. Not only has her training equipped her with a strong commercial base and understanding of the power and effect of well formulated Visual Merchandising, but it has also tooled her with the skills to evolve with the digital migration and transfer her dexterity online.

Her experience has organically educated her to understand the gravity and influence of Brand Identity and consistency and the significance and importance, of a strong, social media presence, online customer engagement and digital communications.

Dominique is a hard working person with comprehensive artistry and would be an asset for your company.

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What can Dodo do for me?

Dodo is a dynamic and creative thinker. She is able to easily adapt to new projects and works hard with her clients to deliver sleek and admired work. Her experience has taught her to wear many hats enabling her to accept a variety of commissions. Her areas of expertise are listed below but just get in touch.

Say Hello. Have a chat. She’s nice to talk to.

Dodo just might be the person you’re looking for.

This Girl Can

Thank you for making time for me.

It would be a shame to let this brief encounter be our last.
Let’s meet, drink something warm and talk about some stuff.
It could be the start of something  s u p e r